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1997 Jeep Wrangler All Guages Dead

So basically I have something intermittent. It seems that I will have no gauges, but if I remove the cluster and let something reset and plug it back in, the gauges work and the self test works. But after performing the self test then my needles flicker with the key off, and when I try to turn it on again, I get no gauges.

I got some diagnosis steps that Trip worked up for me that I plan to try tonight. Documenting them here for future reference:

1. Measure between pin 3 on the OBD and ground - should be 2.5v
1A. Measure between pin 11 and ground - should be 2.5v
If I have that voltage then i need to replace the cluster, but if I dont I need to keep testing via step 2.

2. Disconnect Cluster and repeat step 1 & 1A. If I now have 2.5v on the bus - replace the cluster
if not go to step 3.

With the cluster disconnected locate and disconnect the Airbag module connector (the one with the twisted wires).
3. Repeat steps 1 & 1A if that now shows voltage, the airbag module is bad, reconnect gauges and they "should" work

if that doesnt work repeat steps 2 and 3 with ECU disconnected instead of the cluster.
Ran through the above sequence and it is still not repeatable. It looks like there are 4 possibilities that are causing my problem.

1. The cluster is bad/intermittent issue
2. The connection at the cluster is bad
3. The PCM is bad
4. The Airbag module

Hopefully I can make it over to Tripps place and we are planning to swap out a few of these items to find the culprit.

If anyone in the chapin/irmo area has a 97-2000 wrangler that will let me swap at least the cluster it would be awesome. It takes about 5 minutes to swap.
In an effort to troubleshoot as much as possible before the work day. Anyone with a 97-2000 TJ want to hang out for an hour this weekend and let me try their PCM, ACM, and Cluster? They are all easily accessible and I'll do all the work.
Borrowed another cluster and Airbag Control Module from Joe today. Also got a PCM, but I'm not sure it will tell me anything. I plan to try the ACM and Cluster tonight. I'll update then.