USTE 2023 in Florida


The Ol JKU finally got some new tars. It had a cut Irok for years so I pulled that one apart and tried a while to use the RC4x4 steelies, but the Hyrax wouldn't mount on them. Dug out the original Proline wheels and took the tiny TSLs off and used those wheels.


If anybody wants some cute little TSLs or the black steelies let me know.


Charging batteries now and need to go through stuff to see what I need to bring.


While I was messing with it the remote batteries died. It must have reset to defaults because the steering reversed and it no longer has drag brake in reverse. I got the steering swapped back but can't see where to change reverse brake. It works, and don't want to risk messing it up worse.
you should put the tiny tsls on it, this event is totally not going to challenge a rig on hyrax tires. I would bolt on the tiny TSLs and send it.
This was hilarious. The guy with the black backpack on to the right that looks like he is on his knees is actually standing in the mud to rescue a stuck truck... that stuff was deeep!