Polaris RZR 570

On my 800 I used the cheaper doors that are basically the Pro Armor copy cats. They are not as nice by any means but definitely worth the money.
I thought I got them from Amazon. I will have to go back and look at which they are. That looks correct though....

The latches are meh... but they were totally worth the money.




Polling the audience before the saw comes out.
@matth_85 @MountainGoat

My 570 has this bracket that the factory hip bar mounts to. The instructions say to unbolt and remove the bar, but it doesn't say anything about this bracket. It looks like it has to go for the door to line up correctly.

I also looked at the SuperAtv doors and noticed that their web page pictures are of an 800 without that bracket. Their instructions show the bracket but in the finished product it's a different rig with a custom cage so no bracket.


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