MJ front brake, and HVAC questions.

92 MJ 4.0 5spd SB 2wd
I got the MJ to become my daily driver, but I will have to do some minor repairs first.

Brakes are the important issue to deal with first. So here we go...
While driving I randomly start to feel resistance against the drivetrain, then can smell the hot brakes. It's evenly across the front brakes, no rear interaction that I can tell. Let it cool, and can drive on for a few miles, or hours, it's random.
The previous owner apparently had an issue as well because upon inspection it has a shiney new set of rotors, pads, calipers, hoses, and master cylinder. I removed the calipers to check them, and they collapsed easily, pushed fluid back to the master cylinder resivoir with no issue. Fluid is all clean & clear, though I bled the system anyway, and filled with fresh fluid.

Any ideas?

My mode door in the HVAC air box is stuck on defrost. I'm fairly sure it's going to be the vacuum actuator, as the vacuum lines aren't showing any leaks. I'm not sure where the mode actuator is located. I always like to test the part before I just think I have it narrowed down. I've seen stuff get down in an air box and jam up the doors. Techs have cost customers big $$$ only to find a $.25 Bic pen holding a blend, or mode door from moving!

I've searched online, but I get mixed results.
If someone could point me to the mode door actuator.....
Brake issue is repaired.

Miller ask if I had a pedal free play adjustment. While checking if there was an adjustment, I noticed there was no free play in the pedal. I found the brake switch causing the issue. He had ask if we're out of adjustment, but it was adjusted all the way in.
The previous owner had apparently bent the bracket where the brake switch attached. It was depressing the pedal only a fraction of an inch. It was apparently enough to move fluid, and as the brake calipers heated the fluid expanded, causing the pressure to increase.
I bent the bracket back to its proper position, and no more excess brake drag.