LS fuel system question


I'm unsure of what I should leave from the stock jeep fuel system when I go to the 5.3.

The jeep has 3 hard lines from the rear. One is supply from the tank. The other two come from the canister in the rear fender well and go to engine vacuum and the purge solenoid.

My engine is an LM4, with return style fuel rails. I have the novak fuel pressure regulator bypass to use the in tank pump. My plan is to use the supply line from the tank and adapt it to the stock LS rail. Return I'll just run a new line and drill/tap a barb in the pump housing. My question is about the evap lines. What do I need, what should I leave, or can I simplify things? I'd like to cap it all off but the tank needs some kind of vent, correct?


I think I could leave it all in place, and since I'm leaving the jeep harness and computer, the purge solenoid could even be hooked up, but will it do anything?