Lake Houser

Yep, been up there quite a bit. Usually go with a group of people on Sundays, but I know alot of people ride Saturdays too. There are more 4 wheeler trails than rig trails, but there are many Jeeps I see out there, as well as the larger sxs's making larger paths also. Most of the trails are wide enough for you to get a rig through, depending on the width.

I have some videos of it below on my youtube channel. There are a bunch of individual videos, as well as one edited one that is all of them put together. Not the best, learning my new camera, I was trying it out in it's waterproof box out there.
I think there are some, there is more than just the mud from some of the pictures on the facebook page. I just would like to explore it and see whats there. Its reasonably close.
I was up there through June, when the clutch completely went on my 4 wheeler. I'm in the process of buying a new one, as well as rebuilding the older one, then I'll be back out there within the next month or two. There are always groups out there though, every weekend.