If you need me, I'll be on my tractor. Kubota L3902



Or thats what I thought until I almost got stuck then about killed myself shoveling out the trailer. It worked out just about as well as most of Clarkson's antics.


I was using one of those clamp on bucket trailer movers and the thing started shifting. When I got down into the creek I couldn't steer the trailer and had to drop it, back out, turn around and hook up to the 3 point. After getting the trailer out of the mud I flipped back around to the bucket and tried to dump the trailer but the clay just stuck to the trailer. I shoveled it mostly out but the trailer coupler jammed up at some point and made it even more difficult.

I have a couple ideas for improvements to come.


Trailer mover upgrade.

I bought a cheap RV bumper hitch mount and made a more permanent hitch/hook mount for the bucket. My bucket has a narrow (but 1/4" thick) top rail with a gap right in the middle to acces the fittings for the combo bucket. I didn't want to make anything permanent so you could get to the fittings.

I built a little bracket out of 2" and 3" 1/4" flat bar. It has tabs that lock over the lip, spans the gap, and secures with 2 bolts on the face.




I'll need to use a drop insert but I think this will work much better than the clamp on and can be left in place while using the bucket.

I also swapped out the clamshell type coupler on the trailer for a regular style. Something jammed in that coupler and you couldn't unlock it without a hammer. I've never liked this style anyway, so replaced.

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how much does the bucket stick out into the trailer area with it in use?
You could use a hitch extension with the bucket closed, or bucket open like I have it in the picture as long as there's nothing sticking up on top of the tongue high enough that the blade would hit.

With bucket closed, the front edge hits the jack foot before you get under the ball.