Half Doors needing a color change!

Paint is the way to go. We use Caliber Collision for our paint work and the price is reasonable. Had issues with smaller body shops not matching colors/metallics properly.

I keep looking for half doors but always find the scam ads for them 😂
Lol. Finding them isn't easy especially the right color! I came across a few black sets in my searches the last couple months but were 5-6 hours away and 3 times what I paid for these. I may try to wrap the outsides for the upcoming Oscar trip and then circle back and try to find a place to paint them but I absolutely love the door line, added wheeling visibility, and armrest height that these offer over a stock JK door!


I got lucky with mine. I bought a set of black half doors and didn't really mind the color, but posted looking to trade. I met a guy at the cracker barrell in Irmo in a black jeep with red doors and we swapped in the parking lot.