GMRS, CBs and Comms troubleshooting

Hi All,

I am an amateur radio operator, and I have a ton of stuff to analyze radios, antenna feed lines and antennas for GMRS and CB. I also can link you to the process to get your FCC GMRS license if you haven't got it already. I can make recommendations for GMRS antennas and mounting methods to make sure you give your setup the best chance to transmit and receive strongly when on the trail.

If some of you know the local or off-road park area GMRS repeaters, offsets and tones, please feel free to add them here if we've been authorized to use them. GMRS repeaters can help extend the range of our GMRS radios on the trail, but they require that we get permission to use the repeaters and that we program in the frequencies/tones.
@Chump Change - I will also add, We have an official "codeplug" for the group. For the most part a lot of guys are running commercial radios custom programed with these channels. Some Kenwood, Motorola and a few Beofangs... We highly encourage guys to to the right thing and get their GMRS license to stay in compliance.

If you are ever on any of the Fleet talk repeaters (W4FTK) give me a call, I monitor that system most of the time.