Feb 16-19, 2024 - MCJ on the KAT


So i've loaded the trail into GaiaGPS and I'm working on making a route that we can divide up by days. Our cabin is near the top of the KAT loop right next to HARD 1 and HARD 11 that were shown at the beginning of this thread. Hard 1 is the light blue trail and Hard 11 is the pink trail. You can see the House symbol, thats where our Cabin is located. These are both fairly close to the house, the other Hard sections are a bit more of a drive. I'll dig more into that soon.

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So if anybody is going to break down, make sure it's halfway through Hard 1.
I've recieved $$ from:

1. Brooks (Queen)
2. Larry (Queen + 2 Twin)
3. Wayne (Queen)
4. Kris (Queen)
5. 1/2 from David Porter (Queen and 1 Twin) - I think Chris Tackett is the other 1/2 of this.

6. Available (Queen)

VRBO shows 6 bedrooms. Chris Tackett should be in the other half of Davids Room and that leaves one room with a Queen and 2 twins available.

The house can sleep 13, so it looks like we are only at 10 right now with room for 3 more in beds.
$125 right Brooks?