Clemson 4 Wheel Center Fredneck Run 2023

Hi All,

I will cross-post this to the Oconee camping site:

YJ driver side rear axle is bent and I'm not going to risk driving it. Nothing worse than having your wheel pass you on the highway:unsure: Wife and I will still show up for the Fredneck BBQ and we will still camp. Also bringing kayaks.

Dana 60s with 5.38s and lockers are finished. Parts collecting for 4 links and stretch has begun. Tub comes off this fall for surgery. I start a job on Monday at BMW to pay for it all.

If anyone has empty seats and wants company, let me know.
I sent out a group message asking for a headcount for the dinner friday night. Let me know if you will be at the campground and didnt get my message.