BlueAF Gladiator Build

Also figured out my floor mat conundrum. The floor mats had a hole in the bottom that just leaked anything in your floor at onto the carpet. Didn’t make sense. So a quick google showed that there is a perforated part of the carpet that you cut/pull out and then pull the drain plug from the floor. Then the mat snaps into the floor in place of the plug and the plug goes into the mat. Now to drain water from the floor mat you just pull the plug, pretty cool.



So, we got to try out towing with the truck for the first time this weekend. Was averaging 26.5 mpg with empty truck now around town and we hooked up to the camper for a trip up to Pisgah. Towed the camper with two bikes, cooler full and some tubes and normal camping stuff. Went up the saluda grade and into Brevard to Davidson River Campground. My brake controller is now in NJ on its long 2 week journey to me from Missouri, so it hadn’t arrived. I will say that this thing stops the camper without brakes like the Jk did with brakes. Overall average after towing for the weekend including a climb up 276 to the parkway was 22.5 mpg, the JK on a similar trip without bikes was getting about 13.
Overall extremely pleased with the power and drivability of this thing.