April 26-28 2024 O.S.C.A.R. XII Cabins and Planning

If there was a more accommodating cabin on the Putney side we would sign up there but they are all super expensive for one that would suffice our crowd now that the kids are in the mix. HOPING to bring Braz this year. We will see how he acts until then...
Hey guys, we had reserved Hayley's Hideaway last year when we were at the event, but we recently made some changes to the plan and so we are going to be staying in another cabin, so Hayley's Hideaway is now available! We stayed in this cabin last year, and it was really nice. I just talked to the campground to get our reservations all switched around and I told them I would let you guys know that this cabin is available.
If anyone is still looking for a cabin, or wants to make an upgrade, you should call them soon to get the reservation.

Looking forward to coming down again this year! See you guys there.
So i need to open the registration soon, but I got a call from the BBQ truck and they have closed up shop. They are unable to do the food for this year. This leaves us in a bit of a pickle. We can bring in catered food from somewhere else, but I'm not sure from where. Can anyone check around the area to see if there is another food truck around?