1994 Jeep Cherokee 2 door 5 speed 4.0 156k miles

Selling for a friend. $2k

Located in Chapin, SC
156k miles
2 door Cherokee

Clean paint and body. Interior is stripped for rhino liner and was never finished.
clear title, running before it was parked 3-4 years ago. It had bad gas in it, so he put in a new fuel pump, tank, injectors, throttlebody, and replaced multiple sensors on the motor at that time. Hes got all the interior/exterior parts and doors for it also
I know I am late to the party, but does he still have this available? I am kinda in the market for an XJ, (or maybe an 80 series Land Cruiser, but let's get real...) but not for immediate purchase. I prefer a 4-door but I can do a 2-door.