1946 Willys FrankenFender

I believe this body is an older reproduction M38 body. The body is in great shape except for the pieces the previous owner already cut out and the rear corner. When the body was constructed there was no weld through primer used for the areas that are enclosed and then the jeep was run through mud and it made it rust out. The hat channels had all kinds of mud and clay in there and it just ate through the unprotected metal. The rear corner still had the wood in the bracket, but it was the same thing, mud and water just ate the unprotected metal. The rear floor has like zero use on it. 1000 times better than the original tub i was going to work with
This weekend was primer and paint. I got the bits and pieces done and the tub bottom painted. Now to weld up the suspension and get the chassis squared away then i can put the body back on it and do my final outside paint. I am using Air Force Strata Blue. I am really stoked about the color. paint3.jpeg paint6.jpeg paint5.jpeg paint4.jpeg paint2.jpeg paint1.jpeg
Got the frame pretty much squared away. Repaired the rot on the crossmember. Welded spring mounts down. Boxed in front frame rail for steering upgrade. Got my brake MC bracket drilled and bolted on. I am just waiting for my steering box mount to get here so i can notch the front crossmember and then get it back on the ground and ready to assemble. frame7.jpeg fame6.jpeg frame2.jpeg frame1.jpeg frame3.jpeg
No, it is just standard military Strata Blue air Force paint. I was only going to use base. I did base and clear before on my wifes old altima and I just dont care for body work.
Well i finally got to working on the project again. my friends 78 CJ5 that took my time for the last few months has went home and now i am back. 3 weeks ago i picked up a 1970 CJ5. it was not complete but it did have a running 225 V6.

So I took the motor and gear boxes and resold the rest. I did not keep the rear end because i did not want to regear it now and did not want to have it sitting around. But i picked up the Jeep for $650 and sold it back off minus the engine and gear boxes for $500. And i kept the grill for a wall hanger :)

An way, this evening i got in the rebuild kits for the gear boxes so i started tearing things apart.

Things looked pretty good. the lower cluster gear in the transmission looks chunky, the rest is good. there was about an inch of clay/dirt in the bottom of the transmission. I will start cleaning it all out tomorrow and see where i stand with gears.
Is that a dana 18? I assume that backing plate is the e brake I've heard about. My neighbor has a CJ2a and wants to put a disk ebrake on the back since his drum one is mostly gone. Do you know of a kit or thread I can send him to?